Thursday, August 03, 2006

FASHION: The New Funk in Fashion: PERIDOT & RUBY

Ladies and Cosmopolitic-Fashionistas (if there is such word :-D) of the high (seriously) & funky, I display before you, the new Funk in Fashion. Get up your feet and step into this...

Bigups girls. I love your work!!! Stay Cool...

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

FASHION: Ear Drops Earphones

These Ear Drops Earphones from Elecom are sure to delight that young lady in somebody else's life; they're spangled with crystals and fully decorated with that certain esthetic that's so appropriate for that dime-store Cleopatra who lives next door. And no, we're not going to use the word "bling."

Cheapness aside, we're all for putting yet another decoration on the female form of which we are all so fond. Why didn't anyone think of this before (or maybe they did): instead of earrings, tricked-out earbuds? Nice idea. Available on geekstuff4u.
– Charlie White

TECHNOLOGY: Remoke Key Starter for your car

Ignoring the theft implications of starting your car from a mile away, the Directed Electronic starters seem pretty useful if you're in need of that much range. Coming in three deadly-sounding flavors, Python, Viper and Clifford, thestarters have a display on it to notify you whether your hood, door, or trunk is open.

These starters will be available starting at N77,000.


Gizmodo friends over at Wired's Gadgetlab reviewed a Lexus, not for it's drive impressions, but for its gadget-ocity. The count: In-dash navigation system with rearview backup camera, heated and ventilated seats, SmartAccess key that unlocks the doors and enables the starter button when you get close, radar assisted cruise control, Bluetooth, and iPod connectivity. Oh, and a 306-horsepower V6, if you're into that kind of thing. Cockpit photo after the jump.
– Brian Lam-


After a few months of partying down in Japan, Sony's NW-E000 series of thumbdrive DAPs is making its way on over to the States to meet an aging iPod shuffle and cronies. Headlining the series is the 2GB NW-E005, which comes in green, black and violet, and retails for a wallet-friendly N19,500. Sony also has a N15,000 1GB version in silver or pink, and a N10,050 512MB unit in blue to round out the collection. This being Sony, the SonicStage software, Connect Music Store and ATRAC3plus format are all necessary evils, but things do look up from there. Sony has included unprotected MP3, WMA and AAC playback, along with FM radio, one of their sexy (if hard to read) embedded OLED displays, and a 5-mode EQ. The rechargeable batter life is rated at 28 hours when playing ATRAC3plus at 48Kbps, but other formats don't fare so nicely, and the three-minute quick charge only manages three hours of playback. Overall, Sony isn't breaking a lot of ground here, but they are offering a sexy device, a bit of codec support and a dang good deal if you can stand to have the evil tendrils of SonicStage all over your tunes.

[via engadget]

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The Nokia N73, complete with 3.2-megapixel camera, is available now in Europe for around N98, 000 ($700). The N73, which was announced in April, features a number of options that make it an attractive option for photography buffs (well, insofar as photography buffs don't mind using a cellphone for taking photos), such as integrated flickr support and a 2.4-inch QVGA display. There's also the assorted bonuses now commonly found on mid to high-end cellphones, such as MP3 (and WMA) support, a miniSD expansion slot and synchronization with Bluetooth or USB. It's a GSM cellphone, but also supports the new kid on the block, EDGE.

Nokia claims that the N73 will provide sufficient battery life for up to four hours of talk time and up to 14.5 days while on standby. While now available in Europe, it's unclear when it'll reach these shores. – Nicholas Deleon


RE:ALIVE is a real life reality mystery/puzzle solving involving over 10,000 mystery investigators in Nigeria. The best investigators would be handsomely rewarded. The first draft will publicized in Lagos (via Press, Outdoor, TV, Radio) then the rest of Nigeria as the awareness broadens. Please keep your eyes/ears open for more information. Anyone who is interested in this project should write or call 08027801887.


JVC just announced the September release of the KV-DV50, an in-car DVD player that's also able to play discs filled with Divx videos, MP3s and WMAs. It can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, so actually integrating it into a car's AV system shouldn't be too difficult. In addition to playing back store-bought DVDs, the KV-DV50 will also play back all the common burnable DVD formats, including DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW; dual layer DVDs don't appear to be supported, however.

JVC's KV-DV50 is expected to be release in Japan this September for around $250. North American price and release date information are still unknown. – Nicholas Deleon

Press Release (in Japanese) [JVC via Akihabara News]

AUTOMOBILE: The Ferrari P4/5. Who wants to buy?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the phat wallet club, I present to you... The Ferrar P4/5. Start buying!

INFORMATION: The Smart Egg Tells You When It's Cooked

The folks at the British Egg Information Service (what the?) got tired of telling people how to properly cook an egg that they made a new self-timing egg that tells informs the "chef" when it's done.

The egg has heat-sensitive ink that displays only when the correct temperature is reached, meaning when your egg is done. The eggs come in hard-boiled, medium, or soft varieties, meaning you have to buy the kind you want or else the ink is useless—it's not a three-in-one egg.

They should really put this into other foods, like steak. Maybe they could display "WELL DONE" or "MEDIUM RARE" in big black letters when the meat reaches the right temperature. – Jason Chen

The smart egg that shows you when it's boiled to perfection [Times Online via Oh Gizmo]

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